The server adds richness to the features of our software - Jewel, Auditor and Reporter. Here are a few important features and functions that help you in your Accounting process. Without these features the Conference would be storing thousands of Monthly printed reports and hand typing every Remittance Report into their software. That is archaic.

Server Benefits


When a Treasurer needs training or Tech Support, ScreenShare allows the Auditor to see the Treasurer's screen in real time. The Auditor can watch or run the computer. ScreenShare is a good tool for Tech Support and for Training.

Monthly Backups

At monthly closing, Jewel will copy the database to the Server. This is the Treasurer's required monthly Report to the Conference. The Server also provides an offsite backup. If the computer goes down the Server can restore the database.


When the Remittance check is created, Jewel sends the Remittance Report to the Server. Reporter imports the Remittance information electronically into The Conference software. The Treasurer can also use ACH in place of mailing a check.