Basic Features

Jewel Auditor is a software program designed to assist in the auditing and tech support processes. Auditor incorporates a full copy of Jewel, enabling the user to view a church's database, find errors and make necessary corrections.

For Auditing

    • retrieves church databases from the Data Server for auditing
    • facilitates finding errors by searching for specific amounts
    • allows you to date corrections so reports will match the corrected bank balance for the audited period
    • finds the date when items were cleared on bank reconciliation
    • can make corrections to balance the bank reconciliation

For Tech Support

  • retrieve a church's database from the data server
  • view the actual data in Auditor to see what the church treasurer has done
  • make corrections or adjustments to the database
  • reset the NextStep button to help get the treasurer back to where they want to be
  • delete Remittance and Budget Allocation to allow Jewel to re-close a month
  • change dates on checks and deposits to put them in the appropriate month