Basic Features

Jewel prompts you at each stage of the accounting cycle so you always know what comes next. Offering entry, bank deposits, monthly and year-end closings, budget allocations, receipts, and every other cyclical accounting function is brought up automatically!

The following are some of the features Jewel has.

Jewel Features:

  • check writing
  • importing from AdventistGiving
  • contribution receipts
  • Church budgeting
  • reports and graphs
  • ScreenShare for Tech Support and training
  • and much more.

  • Jewel prompts you through the accounting cycles.
  • No need for a "cheat sheet" to do your weekly work or monthly closing.
  • The NextStep button - is a single button that prompts you to the next accounting procedure -- It never forgets what to do next!
  • Easy data entry - data fields are well marked and in a logical order.
  • Fast account entry - you choose the order that accounts automatically appear when entering contributions.
  • Budget Allocation - easy process for allocating budget funds
  • Automatic backups to hard drive and external memory.